Hi, I’m Susie Dore’

When it comes to business, I’ve learned that what makes me different is I’m both a marketer and a copywriter.


A rare 2-for-1 hybrid, left + right brain thinker that can bring a strategic writing spin to your creative projects.

They say that what you loved to do at 10 years old is what you were destined to do. Given I won a citywide newspaper essay contest around that age, it’s no surprise I ended up circling back to a passionate knack for writing.

[By the way, I was awarded an original Emily Carr painting for that contest – which my parents sold in a garage sale for $15.00 – but let’s not dwell on that artistic blunder oversight.]

While my 25+ year marketing career has included working for some fantastic corporations, as soon as I got a taste of being part of the Canadian launch team for Koala Springs, then maverick resort development companies like Intrawest, I knew my purpose was to build concepts, ideas and brands.

And it’s been the common denominator ever since.

Somewhere along the way I also became a ninja brand consumer. A take-no-prisoners silent shopper that keeps score, and has zero-tolerance for when brands drop the ball on those simple moments of truth that either create raving fans, or not.

But a great brand experience? Now that’s something special. Whether it’s a multi-national company or a boutique shoe store, when a brand gets it right with simple, consistent, dead-sexy touches that make me feel like I’m a part of something amazing, I get so excited I want to give them a giant standing “O” of customer love.

[You’ll find some of my raves + rants in StickySubjects Blog.]

At the end of the day, I don’t have all the answers and we may not always agree, but it doesn’t matter what you or I think. All that matters is what your customer thinks. And as my clients will attest, that’s how I approach projects here at Lipstick Sky.

Enough about me. As a full-service Marketing Agency, it takes team-expertise to do what we do and I’m grateful to work with an outstanding group of pros. From hotels and destination resorts to professional services and burgeoning new brands, we thrive on helping clients build brand experiences around big ideas and ultimately, market smarter.

Questions? Ask me anything.

Meantime, here’s to helping you create your lipstick sky moment.

Susie Dore

Susie Dore’
Brand Strategist + Copywriter