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With a take-no-prisoners approach to helping build brand experiences around big ideas, Susie Dore'–Brand Strategist, Copywriter and Founder of Lipstick Sky Marketing–works with inspired clients in a wide range of industries across North America.

Ipsos – A Lasting Impression

The philosophy behind corporate promotional items has always been that “they offer an opportunity to get a brand name out to a target market” – and keep it there. Yawn... how many pens, coffee mugs and ball-caps can a person use? OK let’s get semi-current and talk mouse-pads, jump-sticks and laptop bags?… stop it. So how about apples with in-grown logos? Yes, you read that right.

Starbucks – Reinventing Instant

Remember "instant coffee"? That crystallized, dirt-like substance reserved for camping and gramma's cupboard? How about Folgers commercials with Juan Valdez and his bean-totin’ donkey? Hardly memories that bring on coffee cravings, but Starbucks new VIA brand is changing all that with portable packets of jolt-worthy joe.

Personal Branding à la Paula Begoun

Last post, I lamented about my grease-monkey debacle with Murad’s skincare products… the ones Joan Lunden talked me into on a late-night infomercial (duh). Anyway, I was kicking myself for not consulting Paula Begoun’s Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me which basically pans the entire Murad Resurgence line. The Robert Parker of beauty products, she accepts no kick-backs and takes no prisoners with cosmetic product reviews based on science and performance... and she's a classic case-study in personal branding.

Murad – Beauty for Dummies

My skin – where some of my body parts were “over looked” the skin gods delivered and I thank them by looking after it. Although a couple of decades ago, between sun-beds and basting in baby-oil and iodine in the hot summer sun, a entire generation of us never really “got” it. Suntan? Ha…that’s an understatement. We were orange people… year-round. And now we're trying to turn back time with miracle-in-a-jar anti-aging fairy-dust like Murad Resurgence.

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Listen Up – 1800headsets

As my favourite digital marketing demi-god Mitch Joel said in a recent blog post, "Product Is The New Marketing". “The individual is empowered is code for Social Media,” writes Mitch. “This isn't really about word of mouth marketing in as much as it is about the fact that customers don't just tell one another about brands they love (and hate)... they tell everybody.” Which is exactly what happened with 1-800-Headsets.

Fired Up About Weber

How many blondes does it take to light a barbecue? That’s what I was asking myself this weekend as a friend and I were trying to spark up a piece-of-crap grill at a girls' soiree – right before the click-click-click of the dead starter turned to the WOOF of a propane-fuelled cloud of fire. We both still had our eyebrows but as the unmistakable whiff of singed forearms hung in the evening air… followed by some painfully slow, uneven cooking… all I could think was I LOVE MY WEBER.