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With a take-no-prisoners approach to helping build brand experiences around big ideas, Susie Dore'–Brand Strategist, Copywriter and Founder of Lipstick Sky Marketing–works with inspired clients in a wide range of industries across North America.

The Renaissance of Julia Child

How to describe the buzz around Julia Child... a resurgence? A resurrection? Not trying to be clever with the "r words" but those are the questions I asked myself when contemplating an attempt to capture the marketing story around the Julia phenomenon. I landed on renaissance because long before The Food network and media-moguls like Martha Stewart, there was Julia Child - a fun case study in the drivers that make any brand "cool". – The Facebook of Wine has created the ultimate online wine experience. A community with so many layers of functionality and ways to connect, it’s like the Facebook of wine. An online brand designed to not only purchase wine and wine related products, but to actually participate in wine culture... digital viticulture if I could make an on-the-fly attempt at capturing the "X factor"?

When Brands Drop the Ball on the Front Lines

There’s a customer revolt coming. And it’s brands that put as much focus on selecting, training and empowering front-line or even on-the-phone-line employees to act as brand managers delivering their brand promise... (breathe)... as much focus on THAT human interaction as they spend focusing on the online/digital side of their marketing mix. Those are the brands that will survive and thrive. Brands that not only have their finger on the pulse... they actually have one.

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Cupcake Conundrum

To me, cupcakes are like the "banana of sweets"... perfectly packaged and full of goodness! But there’s an art to a cupcake... an art that’s not represented in the bulk, plastic packs of sprinkle-suffocated cupcakes you often see in super-markets. So suffice it to say there was no one more delighted than me to see the original Cupcakes franchise explode onto the scene. But do they deliver the goods?

Performance Enhanced Olympic CTV

Living in the downtown hub of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic machine, I can officially report... it’s beyond overwhelming. But what’s taking it to epic levels is the digital experience. And it’s being led by the Canadian television network, CTV. It’s Web 2.0 on steroids... squared. Seriously.

Fun & Winter Games

There was nothing “remarkable” about my Urban Barn brand experience... until now. And if you haven’t heard about “Robbie”, HomeOnHowe and what’s going on with the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver BC... you will. Imagine Big Brother but with only 1 houseguest – Robbie. For 17 days, during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Robbie will live (yes, live) at the Howe Street Urban Barn location.