My skin – where some of my body parts were “over looked” the skin gods delivered and I thank them by looking after it. Although a couple of decades ago, between sun-beds and basting in baby-oil and iodine in the hot summer sun, a entire generation of us never really “got” it.

Suntan?  Ha…that’s an understatement.  We were orange people… year-round.  As a result, I’m now religious about sunscreen, regular facials and investing in good products.

Better late than never right? And with a boatload of lotions, potions and miracle-in-a-jar solutions driven by a marketing machine called an “aging population” I’m hardly alone in the quest to turn back time.

The economic reality is all of the above is driving anti-aging product demand and prices through the medicine cabinet… which is why when I saw an infomercial for Murad’s Resurgence Program, it spoke to me.  It said:  good value in a quality line of products from a renowned skincare company and the convenience of auto-shipping every 3 months so I don’t have to think about it.

I confess. I was also totally drawn in by their luminous spokeswoman Joan Lunden who looks 40 vs. 60+… and faster than you can say “sign-me-up”, I was in.

Two weeks later my first Murad Resurgence delivery arrived complete with:

  • Brilliant packaging that oozed feelings of health and younger skin… and I hadn’t even opened the box yet;
  • Inside?  Perfectly, symmetrically situated tubes of hope; and
  • Persuasive printed materials including a catalogue of even more product options to add to my auto-shipments (gotta love good up-sell).

Basically it was skincare fairy-dust at every touch-point.

Results?  Not so Joan Lunden.

Maybe it’s just my skin-type (normal?)… but the “glow” they promoted was more like “grease-monkey” which translated to clogged pores… and we all know where that leads.  High school Clearasil flash-backs, that’s where.

So one more auto-ship and a fair test-drive later, I called Murad’s customer service line and cancelled.  They took it well.


It’s not complicated.  This was a classic case of a well branded/packaged marketing vortex that over-promised, under-delivered.

Quality skincare via infomercials?  Step away from the 1-800 number.  All those smiling, happy, shiny people are actors.  Period.

It’s an experiment I won’t be repeating because right now, I feel like a lab rat with zits… so how’s that for a testimonial Murad?

SIDEBAR: First error… I didn’t consult Paula Begoun’s book Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me which basically pans the entire Murad Resurgence line.  Paula is a one-woman cosmetics cop that puts out a detailed bible on virtually every beauty line on the market and I’ve been following her gospel for years.  Begoun blog post coming soon… this chick has built a brand around the science of cosmetics.  She knows her stuff and I can’t wait to write about it.