When my old vacuum recently started to blow vs. suck, it was a little problematic.  Decided it was time to invest in a dirt-sucking solution that was built to last.  I’ve been fascinated by Dyson… how can you not be?  Hip commercials with casual, cool James Dyson talking about how he was frustrated by vacuum cleaners that clogged and lost suction – so he invented Dyson cyclone technology:  The first vacuum that doesn’t lose suction.

Like me, you’ve probably seen those Dyson ads and thought… this IKEA kind of dude built a business around vacuum suction?  I can assure you that you can’t fully appreciate the problem/solution here until you see dust bunnies forming a funnel-cloud in your living room because your vacuum blows.  Literally.

Research – I start with Dyson.com and was not only drawn in by what I can only describe as sexy looking machines, I was seduced by the story behind this brand.  Turns out James Dyson built 5,127 prototypes (what??) before he was satisfied with his powerful, bag-free technology.  Described as “a man that likes to make things work better”, all I can say is this guy was focussed!  Since then, the Dyson brand has broken through bag brainwashing and patent nightmares.  Now in over 15 million households, you could say Dyson has sucked up some serious market share.

Purchase – Next step, Home Depot where Dyson had decent display real estate and easy-to-follow point of sale material.  This is where the price-point comes in.  At $500+ a Dyson is an investment, however, strategic yet approachable brand positioning makes you feel like you’re buying the Jaguar of vacuums (psst!  Dysons don’t just come with operating instructions, they come with Owner’s Manuals).

Thought I’d need to recruit some muscle or at least a dolly to get the box to my vehicle…but it was so lightweight complete with a handle, it was no sweat.

Test-drive – Back at the ranch, assembly was effortless with 3 easy-snap pieces in a well-packed box with negative cardboard cuts.  I was vacuuming on all floor surfaces in no time flat, easily getting into nooks/crannies with a festival of built-in attachments… all while enjoying music that I didn’t need to blare to hear.  And light?  This unit is so ergonomic and easy to manoeuvre it feels like a dance partner. (I can’t believe I’m romanticizing household cleaning but dragging around a heavy, awkward vacuum? Well it sucks.)

The comprehensive collateral kit directed me to register online for my 5 year warranty – took under 2 minutes and the follow-up emails since then have been all about “me and my experience” vs. up-sell or intrusive side-offers.

And at the risk of sounding ridiculous, when I “parked” my shiny new Dyson in the closet… I smiled feeling a sense of pride in a worthwhile, well-executed purchase.

And isn’t that what a great brand experience is all about?


From easy-to-empty to easy-to-push, the Dyson brand has harnessed innovation in its quest to engineer “a new way to clean.”  And from worldwide industrial design awards to exhibits at modern art museums, Dyson has invented a euro-hip brand that’s reinvented the “category” of vacuums.  But that’s just the beginning.  In recent months I’ve seen/test-driven Dyson hand-dryers popping up in major North American airport washrooms.  Same technology – reverse application.  Guess what?  They blow vs. suck!  And just as brilliantly.