With that question in mind, I thought I would launch this blog with a couple of random but tried-tested-and-true brand experiences that I know make it happen.

About to place a refill order from Clearly Contacts.  Looking forward to a repeat of a historically outstanding brand experience that promises:  “To deliver the highest quality eye care products at the guaranteed lowest prices anywhere on the globe.”  Here’s the beauty of it… I order, they show up the next day… period.  Perfect, prescription, made-to-order…as always.  Stay tuned on how that plays out.

But first, a brand experience much closer to home.

Here’s a small business that doesn’t even have a website as of yet.  It’s called My Favourite Drycleaner and here’s why.  They have the only 24/7 pick-up service in my hood and beyond.  It’s called a “Magic Wardrobe”… you plug-in your credit card and the little roundy-roundy machine spits your crisp, clean drycleaning out of a trap door.  Same thing with a random DVD dispenser with all the latest-and-greatest movies.  I was at My Favourite Drycleaner the other night along with a small line-up of button-down, urban, professionals that were chatting while efficiently accessing both services.  Obviously, there was nobody working after hours, but as the customers all said…“It works perfectly.”  “It’s never failed me.” “I’ve never seen anything like it.”  “Why would I go anywhere else when this is so easy and convenient?”

But here’s the part that put me over the top.  I dropped off a skirt on Thursday that I needed for an event that Saturday night and  was assured they could have it ready by end of day Saturday.  Turned out, it was an extra-busy Saturday for me… I was running late… my cell rang late Saturday afternoon and it was Seann from My Favourite Drycleaner.  He said, “My wife asked me to call and remind you to pick up your skirt for your party.”  I forgot I’d even mentioned the party.

It was that experience that inspired this blog.

When does that ever happen anymore?  When do we as consumers get to be surprised and delighted by an intimate encounter with a brand that makes us feel like a customer vs. underwhelmed with pedantic excuses as to why brands can’t live up to simple promises like “next business-day delivery” (aka Staples… future rant/blog).

Join me on this journey to applaud, reveal and revel in brand experiences. I look forward to your feedback.